Barchette di indivia (Indivia boats)

I found this antipasto few years ago in a restaurant and I thought it was very tasty and easy to reproduce at home.
It is also good looking and this is important too :)

Our tradition is always to offer to our guests something to eat.
It doesn’t matter if you are full, you just had a sandwich 10 minutes ago or you had a late lunch with your colleagues, if you are going to visit an Italian house, you always have to save space for food, because you can’t refuse it, it’s impossible, in a way or another they will force you to eat something, trust me.

So, if you want to return the favour or just maintain the tradition, but you are not exactly Gordon Ramsay’s son, you can try with this easy recipe.

You can serve this dish alone, just to let your guests eat something while chatting or, if you want to respect the proper tradition, this will be the first of the three or four antipasti that you will propose…

All the ingredients are easy to find in the supermarket.

Preparazione (Preparation): 15 minutes

Difficolta’ (Difficulty): low

Let’s make a couple of boats for each person, but you can make more if you want.
The 5 in the picture, for example, were just for me :)

Ingredienti (Ingredients): 4 people

  • Indivia (2 or 3, I use just the big leaves, but you can also use the small ones if you want)
  • Gorgonzola piccante (it must be “piccante” otherwise the balance of the dish is compromised)
  • Walnuts (2 for each leaf)
  • Lemon custard (1 teaspoon for each leaf)
  • Balsamic vinegar (I use the one aged 10 years, you can taste the difference)
  • Apple (1), sweet and red
  • Black pepper

Cominciamo! (Let’s start):

  1. Choose the best leaves and wash them, be sure that they all have the same size.
    Total number of leaves 8

  2. Put the leaves together on a big plate or directly in the plate reserved to each guest.
    I think they look better together in a big plate (and they will support each other)

  3. Cut the gorgonzola piccante in small cubes, at least 3 for each boat. Place them on the top, middle and the end of each leaf to ensure the stability of each boat

  4. Cut the apple in small slices (1 millimeter) and put 3 slices into each boat, near to each gorgonzola cube

  5. Place a teaspoon of lemon custard on the top, ensure that you are covering a bit of everything (gorgonzola and apple)

  6. Crash with the hands the walnuts and distribute them on the top of each leaf

  7. Drop few drops of balsamic vinegar on each leaf

  8. Sprinkle with black pepper

Because the gorgonzola is spicy I suggest one of ours fresh white wine like the Lugana DOC Le Creete 2015 Ottella. You can find it here