Sagrantino di Montefalco 1998

This is THE wine for the tannin lover.

Sagrantino is an amazing grape that is grown mostly in the italian region of Umbria, and is the one with the highest tanning levels among all grapes in the world.
This 1998 will not disappoint, that’s guaranteed.

Nose presents a rich fruity soul, with dark berries, blackcurrant, plum jam, chocolate, tobacco, surrounded by aromatic herbs, menthol, licorice.

Palate is like a sledgehammer of tannins in your mouth. The balance is still good but they will eventually overcome acidity and the longer you wait to drink it the more it’ll be violent. It’s good violence, if you like that kind of thing.

This wine requires juicy meat, like a Fiorentina or a Filetto, rigorously rare or medium-rare, to balance the tannins.

It would also pair well with 70% cocoa chocolate bites and a Montecristo cigar.

Lovers of smooth whites or young reds beware, this is not for you!