Let’s talk about Italy - because our wines are authentic treasures...

There are more vines growing in Italy than in almost any other country on earth and when you remember how long Italy is, it’s obvious that enormous differences of wine styles are going to appear from the far north to the deep south”  (Oz Clarke, 2002)

This is right.

But, all around the world, the concept of “great wines or high quality wines” is always associated to France and its Champagne, Bordeaux and Bourgogne regions.

While recognising the value and the quality of these wines, that also inspired Italian’s concept of making wine, my desire is to show that there are “made in Italy” wines that are second to none. Actually, it’s often comparable quality to the best French wines for a much more affordable price.

In recent years, a lot of Italian food and wine experts started to show the world that Italy is not only “Pasta alla carbonara and Pizza”.

What Italy is able to give in terms of food and wine is something closely linked to the passion, tenacity and sometimes audacity of the producers, no matter what they are producing.

I can definitely prove that in the past, so many times, the passion, combined to a small dose of courage, created fantastic treasures that today are make Italians proud all over the world.
You don’t necessary have to be Italian to appreciate them.

Thanks to its shape, Italy can offer a wide range of wines, each one with specific characteristics. Alps in the north and Apennines from the middle to the south, the Hills, the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian seas, the inland lakes, the rivers etc…, all this elements help to create local climates and to provide fertile valleys that give life to remarkable wines.

Now my question to you: next time that you are attending an Happy Hour (Aperitivo, as we call it), why don’t you choose instead of a glass of champagne a glass of Saten Bellavista, Franciacorta from Lombardy? or, when you almost finished an amazing dinner with your loved ones, don’t you try sipping the nectar of Gods, Passito di Pantelleria Ben Rye, Donnafugata from Sicily, instead of a Sauternes?

I’m sure that all Italian wines express their best when combined to Italian food, even better if the food comes from the same territory of the wine, and this is the reason why I decided to create Italian Treasures and give to everyone the possibility to concretely try what I’m saying.

It is something new, I know, it can be difficult to understand and believe at the beginning, but if you keep an open mind and you want to discover new flavors, I can guarantee that you’ll never regret the trust you put in us.

Enjoy your discovery journey with us 

Cinzia Barbieri
Italian Treasures Founder